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The Leadership Team serves as a strong core for everything Arkansas Dance Marathon does. It is comprised of Management (President and Vice Presidents), and Executive (Directors) teams. Leadership is divided into different branches including Fundraising, Operations, Outreach, and Recruitment. 



Olivia Wier

VP of Operations

Jessica Seymore

Chief of Staff

Thayne Shook

VP of Fundraising

Lizzy Krusing

VP of Recruitment

Emmy Talbot


Grace Coleman

VP of Outreach



Mackenzie Ness

Director of Hospital and Family Relations

Derek Mitchell

Director of Technology

Alexah Smith

Director of Social Media



Zach Lorenzoni

Director of Accounting

Sydney Boudrey

Director of Fundraising

Zach Stanley

Director of Partnership



Nicholas Erickson

Director of Special Events

Sam Varriale

Director of Logistics

Rose Murphy

Director of Main Event Planning



Skyler Bartels

Director of Campus Engagement

Sarah Hoemann

Director of Greek Life Recruitment

Want to join our leadership team?

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